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About Varuney Manufacturing Industries

Ours is leading concern specialised in products manufacturer / Exporter and supplier of Fire Protection, Fire Fighting, Resisting Equipments, by moving of water in a controlled manner. The said products are manufactured as per relevant Indians / British / American / DIN Standards. With basic material Gun Metal / Aluminium / Stainless Steel, alternatevily used as per demand of client and usage.

The company started since 1989, and is from one of the association group of Indian pioneer company, M/s. Shah Bhogilal Jethalal & Brothers since 1933, which is working since seven decades. Ours basic product range is being shown in our next page of product. They are mainly Landing Valves, Couplings, Nozzles, Adaptors and all Fire Fighter (Tender) Fittings and project / High rise building wet and dryrisers installation material.

All Fire Fighting Equipments / Fitting are manufactured meet to Indian / British standards and also as per derivated norms of Fire Brigade use throughout world. They are manufactured as per relevant standards and tested by means of "Raw-Material Basic-Test" and Leakage Test (Hydraulically) at required test pressure for each part of products.

"Varun", is the name of "God of Water". Every God is Truth. Hence our brand is stands for always "Truth", "Quality", "Reliability".

Further we confirm that we can manufacture products which is not being in our range however meets in parity of said products with details available from purchaser or endusers, in mode of technical drawings or old scrap samples.

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Our Product List

Fire Hydrant (Landing) Valves Stand Pipe Fire Hydrant Stand Post Monitors Monitor Nozzles Hose Coupling Hose Pipe Branch Pipe / Nozzles Portable Foam Equipment Adaptors Blank Caps Breeches Dryriser Inlet Suction Fittings Fire Vehicle Accessories Extinguisher Box Pumps Hose Reels Hose Cabinets

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