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Fire Vehicle Accessories

Fire Vehicle Accessories

Delivery Hose Accessories

Delivery Hose Accessories
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Technical Specification

Hose Ramp
Hose Ramps are used for unhindered passage of vehicles without affecting the hoses, withstand loads up to 20,000 kgs. with interlocks to position two ramps.
MOC Reinforced Rubber
Size 860 mm x 300 mm x 85 mm
Hose Washing Machine
A Simple device for washing fire fighting hoses externally. Works on Hydrant line pressure only.
MOC Aluiminium Alloy Body, Gun Metal 63 mm Male Inst. Inlet.
Hose Washing Machine
MOC M.S. and G.I. graded material as per IS : 3744
Accessories Male / Female adaptors for binding of different sizes, available on request
Hose Clamp  
MOC Aluiminium Alloy Body / M.S. Sheet Galvanized
Hose Bandage
MOC Water Proof Canvas as per IS : 5612 Part-II
Hose Strap
MOC Canvas & Self Locking Clamp
Size 860 mm x 40 mm
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